Each of our clients and the challenges they face are unique. Our approach follows suit, varying from project to project to offer our clients a bespoke suite of services and input.

We are proud to work with a talented pool of contractors and specialists who, between them, deliver a wide range of specialist client requirements. Once we have been briefed on what a client’s requirements are, we assemble a team of experts and core staff to fit precisely with the job in hand. We report in a matrix fashion to each other, depending on what we are working on and how the process is taking shape.

We don’t believe in creating fancy titles or multi-layered hierarchy for the sake of it; we simply roll up our sleeves and get on with it to ensure our clients get great service. Our focus remains firmly on lean thinking and business improvement, no matter what project we work on. It really is all about process for us – we are ruthless on the process but kind to the people. We work best by basing everything we do on one simple question: how can we support our clients in the best possible way through improving their processes, supporting their team and delivering results?

Meet Your Business Improvement Experts

Geoff Miles

Geoff is a professional and highly experienced in railway systems, rolling stock and maintenance depots with over 40 years’ experience in the rail industry, initially in the design, manufacture, and commissioning of railway vehicles, and subsequently across the full range of engineering disciplines in rail infrastructure. Skilled at eliciting requirements, devising strategies, delivering services, and implementing solutions adaptable and malleable to a variety of capacities. Strong interpersonal skills, complemented by sophisticated communication, critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving abilities.

Andy Foster

Andy has been working with Penmark for over 20 years and has previously worked in the transport industry in executive roles. He loves the variation of the work here and the fact that Penmark “always delivers”. A recent highlight was being nominated in the National Construction Industry Awards for Innovation in Applying LEAN to a unique construction archaeology project for CSJV and HS2. Outside of work, you’ll find him playing sport, obsessing over cars, taking photos and wandering in the Yorkshire dales.

Vic Young

Vic is the engine of Penmark and has been for more than 21 years. He’s seen every problem, and he’s solved every problem. After 10 years working in large organisations, including Alstom and British Rail, he set out to build a company that obtained ideal results by delivering projects through people. Alongside his passion for creating positive business change, he has a passion for… pens. Especially Montblanc ones. Where do you think the name Penmark comes from? Vic has consciously kept the consultancy small because, even though small companies can be perceived by some to offer less value than large ones, he knows the opposite to be true. It’s evidenced by the results, award nominations and recommendations Penmark’s received over the last two decades.

Lee Atkinson

Lee joined Penmark after working at a senior level in both the manufacturing and education sectors. He was attracted to our highly skilled and motivated workforce and wanted to be able to make a real difference to organisations by engaging and encouraging staff through the journey of change. Even though some of the businesses he’s worked with have been demanding(!), he loves witnessing the sustainable changes Penmark’s methods create — and the footprints they leave. When not working, Lee is either playing golf or trying to convince his wife that golf is a great recreational hobby…

Ryan Lawrence

Ryan joined Penmark in 2019 as a consultant coming from working within the utilities sector improving the customer service departments, running various performance enhancing projects. The skills gained from his business degree, the experience in a corporate environment and the wealth of transferable experience gained in the commercial retail sector has given Ryan a passion for business improvement. This is especially true when it comes to problem solving and using out of the box thinking to come up with creative solutions. He loves being part of a smaller consultancy that is making big change in the business world.

Steve Bennett

With an Engineering background at both a grass-roots and Leadership level, Steve has driven opportunity as a LEAN Consultant within the transportation sector within maintenance and operations. Steve has worked at airports in the UK and in the Middle-East where he developed the foundation for an ISO 55001 compliant Asset Management Framework. Steve also has extensive experience in change management and business transformation and understands the importance of people management to enable improvement. When he is not working Steve is a keen photographer and has an extensive portrait, fashion and beauty portfolio.

Paola Tamanini

Paola takes care of all Penmark’s accounts and administration, as well as organising a very busy team! She’s a lifelong learner and is currently studying for an MBA to go alongside her degree in Tourism. Paola has travelled extensively and has lived and worked in many cultures, which has taught her to be open-minded, comfortable in any environment and flexible. Outside of the office, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, listen to music and visit the theatre and cinema. What’s more, she’s still passionate about travelling!

Gayle Young

Gayle is a leadership development consultant who joined Penmark in 2001. She combines her passion for helping people with her focus on implementing business improvement techniques using a people-focused approach. Gayle started working on the Accounts side of the business and by applying lean principles to her work soon found herself involved in all aspects of the business. She is now the Financial Director which gives her greater insights into management and leadership challenges alongside her work as a consultant, trainer and executive coach. Her biggest obsessions in life are learning and personal development, and she’s partial to (a bucket of) chocolate and a good mystery. Outside of work, you’ll find her supporting her children on the sports ground or volunteering for a number of charities.

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