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We live in a world of seeming chaos, we are surrounded by […]
Operating rhythm in business is all about the communication and flow process of work […]
If you are new to the concept of Lean in business, welcome! If not, you will […]
In 1913 at Highland Park, the world was introduced to Flow production. In […]
Working from home was once considered by many to be something of a luxury; […]
According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has between 12,000 […]
Many countries across the UK and beyond have chosen to work from […]
As an employee of a large utility company, I enjoyed all the benefits of […]
Partnership and collaborative working are the cornerstone for good practice in any project or business […]
Like in a game of rugby, SCRUM (developed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland – […]
When people say their working is LEAN or AGILE, do they really mean that it is ‘SCRUM’? I have recently been […]
one of us would consider going right through life without occasionally checking […]
The problem with SCRUM these days is that there is too much information available about what […]
As consultants, we interact with many varied businesses and lots of people operating at different levels, from blue collar workers to CEOs. Maybe that […]