How do we implement LEAN differently from other business improvement consultancies?

In general practice, in its simplest form, this is what LEAN looks like.

Carry out initial investigation into an existing process, procedure or way of working

Identify unnecessary activities or practices and remove them

See rapid and significant improvement in the business (such as increased efficiency or reduced costs)

At Penmark, we go considerable steps further when it comes to using LEAN in organisations. It’s your people that will drive sustainable change, not mere processes.

So, our approach would look more like this:

Carry out initial independent and impartial investigation into an existing process, procedure or way of working

Identify an activity or practice that can be removed and develop a LEAN improvement plan, ensuring all stakeholders are represented

Immerse ourselves into your workforce to deeply understand it

Educate your people on LEAN implementation and give them appropriate, job-specific training

Engage your people every day in what we’re trying to achieve with the LEAN improvement plan

See rapid and significant improvement to the organisation, culture and performance of the business

Empower your people to continue working in this new way after we’ve exited the organisation

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Paul Day

Agent – Platforms, Canopies & Steel Work, London Bridge Station Redevelopment

“Penmark’s tracker system is an effective tool for tracking progress and identifying critical delay against baseline programme dates. Prior to implementing this, we were struggling to get any transparency with status of works which made it very difficult to plan ahead and mitigate any delay. Having the interfaces visible has helped to prompt conversation with the required third parties to coordinate works.”

“Different” isn’t something organisations should be scared of. It’s something to embrace.

Approaching business improvement differently from a traditional LEAN consultancy is the reason why we’re able to say:

Your project or training will be delivered within the agreed scope, timescale and budget — because this is the case for all our projects (unless the scope is amended!)

You’ll be partnering with some of best LEAN experts in the country — because they’re the reason all our work over the last two decades has been won via recommendation

You’ll get the best programme and commercial management — because we consider that vital to a positive project outcome

Your people and their wellbeing will be placed as a top priority — because that’s the core of our approach, and the reason why our clients get the stellar results they do*

*See below for examples of stellar results. It’s worth noting, if you’re looking for the cheapest option, please don’t expect stellar results.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Neil Perrett

Commercial Manager, F.R.I.C.S.

“Penmark has been central in the implementation of processes, procedures, audits and reporting of subcontract administration performance to support commercial governance of a billion-pound rail infrastructure project. The output data has allowed us to target our project commercial improvement plans, steering us toward our target of 100% for performance bonuses. Penmark has also facilitated achievement of tangible cost and time efficiencies utilising their LEAN skills.”

Business improvement consulting is a waste of money if it’s not sustainable, which is why we consider our exit plan to be as important as our engagement plan

As a business leader, you’ll know all too well that consultant fatigue, too much change or making too many cuts can cause severe setbacks to sustainable growth, even if the intention is good.

At Penmark, we want to ensure that your business runs like a Swiss watch, that your leadership team are primed to further progress business improvements and that your staff are excited to work there. That’s why we focus just as much on what happens after we leave your organisation as we do on what happens while we’re there.

Partner with us and overcome your time, budget or people challenges (or all three) fast